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They told me my package was going out today or tomorrow and those days came.now they are telling me that they have too many packages to send out and my order did not go out.this company is a scam please do not order from this company for you will get robbed trust me they will take your money and you will never get your product .they will give you the run around. They don't even have a contact number, that should have sent up a red flag right there.

Then there are all these negative reviews more red flags.

My name is Paul Santora my email is Santorapaul7@gmail.com anyone who wants to email fell free.

My ticket number is AT339947397 so nobody thinks I am lying.

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Dear customer,

Thank you for your review. We are sincerely sorry for the delay.

Your order has been shippd out, we have sent the tracking number to you, please use it to track your package. And it will arrive you in few days.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.


Everbuying Customer Service Manager


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