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Bought what was supposed to be an android phone with dual simcard and touchscreen from EVERBUYING. It was absolutely rubbish.

Cant believe I got conned into buying from these companies. Lost my £50.

I cant understand why there's no Authority or Organization that is monitoring and removing these fraudulent websites from the net.

Everbuying and Espow are probably owned by the same type of chinese people who are getting back at us where it really hurts, our wallets, and they are doing it with a vengance.

Espow also uses the url I thought I was buying from a UK company but I was so wrong. The rubbish item came from Hong Kong.

I bought a laptop battery and immediately realized that I had made a huge mistake.

No Receipt, no customer service, no item, no refund, no respect of cancellation, wrong item description, wrong delivery time, etc.

I think this is just another way for the CHINESE to get back at Western Countries. They know there is nobody to prosecute them.

We should boycott PAYPAL also, for continually allowing these obviously fraudulent online companies to do business through paypal. Paypal is of absolutely no help when it comes to resolving issues with these unscrupulous webshops. Paypal is only interested in the money it gets from them, not in the customers who suffer at their hands. Because we're not Paying to use paypal, paypal dont care about us the consumer

Monetary Loss: $125.

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Dear customer,

We want to offer our sincerest apologies to you for the issue. We stand behind every item we sell so the customer can contact us for the exchanged.

If he still wants to keep it we will work out some other accommodation.

Our goal is that every customer is completely satisfied with their order. We have 3 contact methods on our website, please feel free to contact us about the problem.


Everbuying Customer Service Manager

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