I ordered 2 drones.

One arrived that had been packaged and shipped in paper bubble wrap. Needless to say the retail package and the product was damaged.

I sent photos to Everbuying. At first they were like oh so sorry but didn't address what they were going to do to correct this problem. When I did in the next email, they told me that because I didn't buy insurance, I would have to send them 20 dollars for a replacement.

Now wait just a friggin' minute. IF I had known that they were going to package my product in bubble wrap and not a box, I would not have purchased the product, let alone insurance.

I did nothing wrong here. I ordered and paid for two drones.

Are they that *** that they think a layer of bubble wrap is enough protection? I am not paying for their stupidity.

I am insulted that they expect me to pay for the replacement. Never happen in the US. Maybe it's time we rethink what we are doing!

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There doing the same to me.I ordered a drone.I paid insurance,and fast shipping,never received since November.It saw sent back twice.Still waiting for refund in points not cash,and it forces me to buy there.I am in a despute with them now,and my Credit Card trying to resolve this is a nightmare,and they dont seem to care.Ever,never again.Sad choice over all the rest.No online store can be this bad !


Dear customer,

Thank you for your review. We are sincerely sorry for the problem.

For the item which broken on the way, we can resend a new one to you or offer the refund. We would appreciate you could provide us the order number, we will help you to deal the problem.

Thank you.


Everbuying Customer Service Manager


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