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I made an order for 3 phone tables and transfered payment through Pay Pal using my credit card on 27th Feb 2014,but I've never received my orde.When I enquire at Everbuying the say imust send them a picture of my ID and my Credit card so they can make sure that I'm the owner of the credit card,but now I don't kno whether this is safe or no but I sent the pics three days ago as they requested ,they had never contacted me if they have received them or no.After that I enquired at Pay Pal about the payment and they said the payment has been denied by Everbuying,now I want to know who am I suppose to claim my money back from.?? When I check the status of my order it says"processing".What is happening on this Pay pal and Everbuying???

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Dear customer,

I want to offer my sincerest apologies to the inconvenience.

For the big order which amount is higher than 100usd, we normally will confirm the payment information again. This is for the financial secure due to we have encounter some cheaters who stolen the customers’ credit card or visa card to place the order and pay the payment.

To avoid this problem and protect the money of the customer, so we will ask the customer to provide the photos of the credit card and something can provide the customer’s identity.

We do need the exact valid number in the card, the customer can hide some of them before they send the photos and we do not want to use the information to do the thing more than confirm the payment.


Everbuying Customer Service Manager

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