I bought a Eken 7 inch Google Android Tablet PC for $86.00.I was promised 3-5 day shipping, it was 9 days.

A real piece of junk. It would not comnnect to the network, it was rediculously slow repsonding to touch commands, and every time the keyboard came up, it was in Chinese. I packed it up and drove to DHL to return it. They wanted $102.50 return shipping costs.

I should have bought the Kendel 'Fire" for $199.00.This product doesn't deserve to be in my trash can.

And their return policy (buyer pays shipping)is a joke.Never again!

DJ Parry, Maricopa Arizona

Monetary Loss: $86.


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How uu send it back please text me 4783047439

Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom #942845

This phone I brought looks like it fell out of a cheep Chrismas Cracker.

Crashed when connecting to the Internet.

Doggy touch screen with a jello feel to it.


i have a faulty phone sent out in Dec, i am still trying until this very day to get their return address off them (which i have to pay to return).the reuten address is not available on their website, why is it such a secret???????????

i have left 2 ticket numbers regarding the faulty phone and no one has replied for over a week, my 30 day return will be up soon!!will never order off these people again and warn others not to!!!!!


My boyfriend bought 2 of the M-Horse n9000w androids.One was white, the other was black.

They said that the white was out of stock so he told them to send 2 black androids instead but they were sent separately. Today 1 of the phones arrived from DHL not even 2 hours ago. The phone does not work at all. It doesn't light up or anything.

I've switched the batteries numerous times and still nothing. It's sitting on the charger but again...nothing!!! Ever buying is not looking so good right now. I don't want to believe that they're company is a scam but when you send faulty equipment what else would someone think.

I've read over their return policy and it's ridiculous. I have 1 more phone that I'm waiting for but whatever excitement that I had has gone completely. I'm sure it's going to be faulty just like this one today.

I'm sending this stuff back and I want a phone that works or my money.NO EXCEPTIONS


Beware.Do not buy from everbuying.com bad customer service and support.

I bought a phone tablet and it took 30 days to arrive. It stopped working less than 3 months and they will not replace. They are only offering repair and want me to pay $10 to ship it back to me. It clearly states on their policy that if it under 3 months they will exchange with free return shipping.

Cathy from their customer service said "exchange" means "free repair" WTF!

I laughed so loud I ***.And explained that nowhere in the English dictionary says that "exchange" means "repair" F***in idiots!

to CA surfer #819392

Dear customer,

I want to offer my sincerest apologies to you for the issue.We stand behind every item we sell so the customer can contact us for the exchanged.

If he still wants to keep it we will work out some other accommodation. If you want to return the item to us to exchange. We will offer you the returned address, we will send a new item to you after you return the defective item.

Please kindly contact us and provide your order number.Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Everbuying Customer Service Manager


to EverbuyingCS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #923527

I just bought a phone off ever buying on dec30 its now dec31 and my order status saying prossing when will it be ship out

Painesville, Ohio, United States #760706

Does any one know who they use for shipping? USPS, FEDEX, UPS?



I bought a 5-inch smartphone on 10-01-2013 for $150.

30 days have passed and I have not got my phone yet.

They sent me fake mali tracking number.

This web shop sucks.

Worst customer support ever.

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States #724428

Everbuying.com is a scam

I ordered 200$ in products a tablet and accessories. tablet came broken inside.

everbuying is trying to offer me 20$ for the 200$ i spent.

thnk god i used paypal. I hope PP protects me I am writing bad reviews all over then net over this.

Scam SCAM SCam.


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